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Withers, Brant, Igoe & Mullennix, P.C. traces its heritage back to 1868. Founding member Conn Withers joined the already longstanding practice of the Simrall family of lawyers on the Liberty Square in Liberty, Missouri in 1930. In the 1970s, Conn Withers was joined by Jerry Brant to form the original “Withers-Brant” firm. When the firm later joined with the legal practices of Vincent “Mike” Igoe and Ron Mullennix in 1993, it formally adopted the name “Withers, Brant, Igoe & Mullennix, P.C.”  
Withers, Brant, Igoe & Mullennix is proud of its long history of experience and impeccable service to its clients and the greater community. Over the years, the firm’s attorneys have been presidents and directors of the Clay County Bar Association, local county counselors, city prosecutors, area judges, an assistant attorney general, a member of the Missouri Bar’s board of governors, and have served as chairpersons, directors, and executives of organizations throughout the greater Kansas City area. At the same time, we have proudly served the legal needs of individuals and businesses in the Northland and Greater Kansas City Area for generations, with some institutional client relationships dating back more than 100 years. 
The firm has operated out of Two South Main Street on the southwest corner of the Historic Liberty Square since 1990. Originally constructed in 1923 to house the First National Bank of Liberty, the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Many structural and design elements attributable to the banking industry can still be seen throughout the building including vaults, wall safes, and teller windows.

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